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Iliopsoas Impingement

The iliopsoas muscle is made up of two parts €“ iliacus and psoas major. It is the most powerful of the hip flexors and is important in lifting and bending the leg toward the front of the body. The muscle plays an important part in walking, running and standing.

Impingement occurs when the cup rim of the hip joint protrudes too much from the socket causing the muscle tendon to become trapped when bending at the hip joint. When the cup protrudes too much from the pelvic bone socket, its rim frays at the muscle and tendon that passes over it. Every contraction of the muscle (lifting straight leg, e.g.) increases encroachment
of the iliopsoas muscle and causes more fraying, irritation and pain in the groin.

Symptoms may include groin pain that is aggravated with bending and flexing the hip against resistance or attempting straight-leg rising from the hip. It is aggravated when attempting to rotate the leg outwards or putting the leg in or out of the car or rising from the chair with straight leg. The pain may be worse during activity and may be almost absent during rest.

Treatment Options for Iliopsoas Impingement

  • Physical therapy
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Surgery